Lookbook: Shades of Grey

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All Grey - 1 (3)

All Grey - 1 (4)

All Grey - 1

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The top was an impulse buy because it was on sale.

After my massive closet clean out, I told myself that I would only purchase items that I felt like I still needed in my closet.  I’m always on the search for the perfect white tee.  I have plenty of white shirts, but I always find something wrong with it — the fit bothers me, the neckline bothers me, the color bothers me, etc.  I mean, if it’s not one thing – it’s another. So I’ve been searching for the white tee that fits all the aspects that I want.

It’s been challenging.

This top was misplaced. It was in the area of the white tees that I happened to be going through in an attempt to find the perfect white tee that has somehow escaped me all this time. It still had the regular price on it, but I really liked the front aspect, so I took it to the dressing room with me.  After I put it on, I absolutely fell in love with it.  I kept thinking, “Well, I could wear it this way — or this way — or this way, so I think the cost-to-wear ratio will make up for it even though it’s not in my list.” (I really need to be more firm when it comes to following my own rules.)

So I took it to the “price check” section of the store. It was, in fact, on clearance. It was down to less than $10, and I happened to have an extra coupon that day. So really, the top came out to less than $5 in the end.

In the end, even though I wasn’t supposed to be looking for anything besides the perfect white tee (which I didn’t find), I was happy that this top was misplaced, that it was on clearance, and that I broke my own rule when it came to shopping for new items to add to my closet.

I’m still not sure if that’s a good thing or not.


  • Shoes: Bar III via Macy’s
  • Skirt: Loft
  • Top: “Not Sure” via Macy’s
  • Jacket: Grass via Macy’s
  • Shades: Charlotte Russe
  • Bag: Michael Kors


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Lookbook: Laceups, Vests, & Wine

Wine Pants - 1

Wine Pants - 1 (5)

Wine Pants - 1 (4)

Wine Pants - 1 (3)

Wine Pants - 1 (2)

Wine Pants - 1 (1)

Wine Pants - 1 (7)

Wine Pants - 1 (6)

Our assigned scrub color is wine. When we’re not in business casual street clothes, we have to wear wine colored scrubs. It gets pretty dull sometimes. I mean, some people have teal, some have purple — and we have wine.

For some odd reason, I decided to wear wine colored pants.

Maybe a part of me was holding on to the color, and I ended up incorporating it into the look. It’s probably because I’ve gotten so accustomed to it that it’s hard to let it go.

That’s my excuse anyway.

It could be completely untrue.

With that said, I absolutely adore this look. Not only because of the wine colored pants but because it has two of my favorites — lace up shoes & a vest.

That’s #winning.


  • Shoes: Aldo Shoes
  • Pants: Old Navy
  • Button Down: Charlotte Russe
  • Vest: Forever 21
  • Shades: Old Navy
  • Bag: Love Moschino
  • Watch: Marc Jacobs


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Lookbook: Up With The Birds

Birds Of A Feather 7Birds Of A Feather 5Birds Of A Feather 4Birds Of A Feather 6

Birds Of A Feather 3

Birds Of A Feather 2

Birds Of A Feather 1


I am so thankful that I ended up purchasing these wedges. I wasn’t too sure when I first saw it because I kept telling myself that I needed to buy work friendly shoes.

Working in the hospital, even in Case Management, we have to wear close-toed shoes. It’s part of the rules from the CDC that if you ever need to go into any patient rooms, you have to cover your toes from any bodily fluids touching it directly. Some people get away with it by wearing peep-toes, but I think these wedges would be pushing it. There are so many options for “visible skin” that I just can’t justify it.

But on my days off or for after work days when my husband and I run errands or take Mia to her ever requested Target trips, it’s perfect. It gives me enough height, but it’s also very comfortable. I can run after Mia, and the wedges give my outfits a perfect summer casual finish.

Have you ever bought something that you weren’t so sure about but you bought it anyway and now you just can’t stop using it? This pair has definitely moved up to my favorites list!


  • Shoes: Mia
  • Pants: Forever 21
  • Top: Marshall’s
  • Bag: Love Moschino
  • Shades: Oscar De La Renta


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